Male(na) Jones

Male Jones don’t ask how it came about, but that’s me.

Writer. In all senses of the word I do aim to write. Music, Books, Articles, Lyrics, Screenplays–there is no boundary in ambition. I’ve never committed to a typecast and certainly will not start now with my blog. It’s funny but in creating this blog and looking around other topic-focused blogs, all published advice lists “Choosing a Topic” as one of the first major steps. And considering that I created mine about two weeks ago and found myself stuck at an area of expertise, I have come to realizs that even I cannot fit “Me” into a genre–much less a box. This is not to claim that I don’t fit some boxes; rather, it’s a disclaimer to all to not waste any time trying to fit me into just one–you will always find something is left over. I hardly claim to break the mold, I just self-admittedly prefer to jump around.

In fact, it is precisely this non-committal, label-hating attitude that has led me to begin a blog. The perfect place for me to create my own categories and see what naturally comes about. I’ll tell you right now, I will definitely cover a few tried and true favorites. I just don’t plan to limit myself. So be ready for it all.

MJ because I’m Malena Jaime. MJ because my creative persona lives in Male Jones. and MJ because I quite simply love Michael Jackson.

I was born to be MJ. And the more my character has developed, the more I see that I was born to be Jones. And I, Male Jones, yearn to share with you all, just the things I jones for.


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